Michele Grenkow, MCPCG, CMG, CCMS

Ever know that girl who sits in the corner with a cat in her lap and a dog at her side while off in her own world drawing? That's Michele. Whether it is in the salon, at a dog show, or in her home, that is the position in which you usually find her. Michele was given the world famous Animal Haven Grooming Salon in 2004 after managing it for several years. To respect it, she finished her CMG status within a year and carried on it's winning ways. Michele is also a well-known breeder of Great Danes, a

sweeps judge, a handler, and a teacher with a history as a veterinary technician and farrier. The creative world opened up to Michele after she was asked to colour match a cat for a TV series, and the rest (as they say) is history



Kat Beaulieu, CMG


Raised in a family that always put a natural way of life first, Kat shares that gift with her students and clients.  Her tender wa

y soothes both humans and animals alike.  She completed her IPG Masters in 2000 and competes in both the Grooming and Breed rings.

She is the owner of Bark Avenue Dog Grooming, in Mission, BC.
A fan of Poodles and Porties, Kat is owned by Wish the St. Poodle, and Luna & Tripp the PWD's.




Anna Hawks, MPS, CMG

an award-winning Certified Master Groomer with over 30 years’ experience inthe grooming industry, is a second generation pet stylist. She is also on teh writing team for the CGQ magazine, a publication of the NAPCG.

She recently completed the book, Scissors Up - The Correct Scissor System. This guide was designed to help the professional stylist gain a better understanding of the most important tool in their toolbox.

She has volunteered with the Minnesota Professional Pet Groomers Association for over 10 years where she has organized and given many seminars.

Always willing to help the new stylist learn the trade, she has been a resource for many local groomers. Anna is a strong advocate for continuing education and is a gifted educator. She has also successfully managed pet styling salons and is a consultant for salon owners.

Consultant for American Sharpening


Karen Aldrich, CPCG 
Karen attended The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, completing their course in 2001. She went on to open her own salon in 2008 with the vision of putting pets first. With an ever-changing industry, she believes you can never stop learning and strives to continue her education. Karen is a certifier for the NAPCG, a writer for CGQ magazine, a consultant for other grooming and boarding facilities, and works at providing continuing education opportunities for other groomers. She specializes in breed standard, Asian style, creative grooming, and special needs pets.






Monica Gee, MCPCG

Monica is the owner/operator of Wizard of Paws in Tongenoxie, MO. Her love of grooming and animals is easy to see, from how she cares for her grooming clients to the abandoned foal that would have died with out her constant care. She is an advocate for continuing education in the grooming industry. She believes in working with the community.