Date: Saturday, June 23, and Sunday June 24, 2018


Lecture Descriptions

 Wizard of Paws, MN Grooming Pros and the NAPCG presents:
A Grooming Masters Workshop
seminar descriptions

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Scissors Up - Anna Hawks
Tired of spending money on scissors that don’t want to work for you? Are you having pain or discomfort when you scissor? This lecture explains how scissors are made, the purpose of the different edges, how to fir the right scissor for the right hand and more. Save time and money next time you go scissor shopping with the information you will learn from Scissors Up!

Proper Prep and Drying Techniques - Michéle Grenkow and Kat Beaulieu
Join this dynamic duo as they show you why proper bathing and drying can make a world of difference in your finished product. Different coat types require different bathing techniques and products. Learn Michéle’s drying trick to cut your drying time without sacrificing the wellbeing of the dog.

Taking Care of You - Caitlin Roberts, massage therapist
This lecture is all about you - How many times have you felt like you’ve been hit by a truck at the end of the day? Learn stretching techniques and the benefits of massage designed specifically for the hardest working people on the planet - groomers.

Scissor Technique - Michéle Grenkow
How do you get that beautiful scissored finish on your poodle? Take this opportunity to learn from one of the best groomers in North America. Michéle explains how to use your scissors to their best advantage and change your perspective on scissoring.

Mix Breed Makeover  -  Kat Beaulieu

Learn tricks on everyday grooming from one of the best groomers, while a lucky pup gets a fresh new look!

Quick and Easy Salon Creative - Karen Aldrich

Creative grooming doesn’t always mean hours of dye work. You can add color and flair in just a few minutes that won’t cut into your grooming time and is s great add on service.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Post clipping alopecia - Monica Gee
Post clipping alopecia, PCA. Does it exist or not? There are many arguments for both sides. Learn the difference between hair and fur and how clipping affects fur bearing breeds.

Canine behavior in the grooming salon - Kat Beaulieu

Can you tell the difference between  fear bitter and an aggressive bitter? Did you know your body language can affect how a dog responds to you? Learn basic behavior, canine cues and how to react to them, and how to have a successful grooming experience for both you and the dog.

Asian flair - Karen Aldrich

Learn tricks on how to achieve this popular style of grooming. You and your clients will love the new looks!

Dye 101 - Monica Gee
Adding color to a pet is an educated art. You don’t have to be a Picasso to achieve a creative touch. Learn basics skills about adding dye and color to make a stunning statement.  What are safe dyes and what techniques to use to achieve bright colors, soft hints of color and corrective coloring. Learn how to prevent color bleeding other tricks to make you creative grooms look great.

Layer Scissoring - Anna Hawks

layer scissoring, barber scissoring, scissor over comb technique; this scissor technique will change how you groom fine coated  or drop coated dogs. No more chop marks left by attachment combs. You’ll never scissor round heads the same again!

Tools for Business - Michéle Grenkow

Michéle will show you tools that can help your business be more successful. Learn budgeting, book keeping, goal setting, Continuing Education, and rule making. Take your business to a whole new level!